Health Guarantee

Birds hatched and raised by us are guaranteed at the time of sale to be healthy and disease free to the best of our knowledge. New owner is responsible for the behavior and health of the bird. Health guarantee is only valid if the bird(s) are examined by a board-certified, avian Vet within 3 days of delivery (preferably on the day of delivery) at your own cost. You must provide us with the results of the examination by emailing or mailing a copy of the paperwork from the Vet visit, within 5 days of the examination. Otherwise guarantee will be voided.

If a bird you adopted from us becomes ill within 7 days of adoption and if a board certified, avian Vet determines that the medical concern originated from us, a replacement of an equal value bird or refund will be offered if no bird is available within 30 days. It must be evident that the bird(s) had the illness, virus, fungal or bacterial issue prior to the date of delivery. If the bird dies before the 7 day health guarantee expires, you MUST have a necropsy and histopathological examination/test performed for guaranty to be honored. The results must include the bird’s band number (if any) and be provided to us. The results will then be submitted to our vet who must concur that the issue originated from us. No refunds or replacement on inconclusive findings.

Refund or replacement, if any, will be based on the cause of death (PBFD, Psittacisis, Polyoma, Pachecos, Non-Treatable Pre-Existing conditions that affect the health and well being of the bird(s) and genetic deformities).

We can not be held responsible for the cost of examination, testing, histopathology or necropsy.