About Us

Thanks for visiting our website. Our birds are lovingly home raised in our smoke-free home by [Saunders, Gerald, Jason & Hardy]. We’re not a company nor a business but a small licensed family oriented hobby breeders located in [ Texas ]. Each one of us takes part in raising strong & playful birds for placement in loving homes. We pride ourselves on being able to provide our customers with Disease-Free, Tamed, Hand-Fed, Talking & Handled Congo African Grey, Amazon & Macaw parrots for adoption.

We are giving our birds at a low price adoption fee because they go as pet companions. This will be our last birds until 2021. We are currently looking for new homes for our birds & will give only to approved homes. Our breeding goals include: health, intelligence, temperament, talking ability & socialization. Our birds loves to interact with kids, adults, dogs & cats. We have 11 yrs of breeding experience & our birds have now found homes in every state in the US.

Our birds come to you DNA tested, vetted, well-socialized, crate trained, trained to step up, trained to talk, eat on their own & step onto your fingers. Our birds are weaned on ZuPreem pellets, fresh fruits & vegetables. They do not pluck their feathers, they do not bite nor make loud noises suitable for people living in apartments, condos & flats. They’re close banded, sweet, happy & raised like human babies with hand feeding & loving care. Our birds are all parent raised & fed for about 21 days before we start the hand feeding & raising ourselves. Our birds are all spoon fed, not crop fed, this means we spend more time socializing & interacting with them at each feeding. Our main priority is to give you a healthy, well-socialized birds with lively & easygoing temperament. Our birds are easy to train, they will easily adapt to their new homes & will make great family pets.

This is how we socialize our birds. It’s important to us that all of our birds know children of all ages, other birds, dogs & cats. Our birds are properly socialized with adults, women & men, well adjusted and will make a good companion.

Birds Come With The Following:
DNA Certificate
Some Food Sample
Sales Certificate
Feeding Instructions
Written Health Warranty
Written Care Instructions

Materials: Metal
Adjustable: Yes
Cage Dimensions (46″ L x 36″ W x 63″ H).
When you buy the pair, you get a free cage. The cage is broken down for easy transportation.

Because we’re small, we have the time to raise our babies in a family/home environment with lots of interaction & socialization. Our birds involved in daily routines. Handled daily, played with individually & group play. They are family. You will not find tamer & sociable babies than these anywhere guaranteed. When you purchase a bird from us, your contact with us does not stop there. We will help you with as many & any questions you might have about your bird all of his or her life.

Our birds have very good personalities & a gentle outgoing disposition. They are played with regularly by kids, men & women. They come with 100% health guarantee or refund guarantee. Once payment for a bird is received, that bird is removed from our website & is not offered to another buyer. You will be supplied with the airline, flight number(s), air waybill number, & flight arrival time prior to departure.

Our birds are shipped out of Midland International Airport nationwide. Getting a bird(s) from us is much easier than you think. We have experience & can get your bird(s) in your hands anywhere in the country within 48 hours. When you find a bird(s) with us, you will need to place payment for us to begin shipping arrangement & paperwork with the airlines. If you are interested in one of our birds, use the Contact Us page to contact us now for more details & pictures.